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How Change Becomes Possible

How Change Becomes Possible

One is not born into the world to do everything but to do something - Henry David Thoreau

How absolutely powerful this resonates especially during this time when doing something that matters is the greatest gift we can grant to ourselves and to one another. It is in this act of awareness that we find lasting beauty, joy and gratitude.

When I first wrote to ask your help for Fainess’s campaign our goal was $11,000. Yes, that’s right! This is how much the doctor estimated the cost of her dental treatment. And it was 50% less than what a previous doctored estimated for the dental treatment.

Some of us who knew Fainess decided to take action. Megan Haskins, Mary Louise Marino, Sharmila Karamchandani, Geanina & Arthur Fripp, Amiel Emerson, Alex Boycheck and I teamed up to raise funds for her dental treatment. We knew from the beginning that this was quite a tall order, and had no idea how we were going to raise this much. Nevertheless, nothing was going to stop us from trying.

Two weeks into the campaign something extraordinary happened. One of our friends sent us the names of two dental clinics for low-income. The Dental Care Clinic in Springfield, Virginia agreed to work with Fainess. They estimated $2,500 to repair eight teeth and make dentures for eight missing teeth. We were ecstatic!

With your support we raised $2,300 and need just 200 more to reach our final goal.

After several years of living with chronic pain, Fainess will be able to finally enjoy life and freedom. With Mary by her side, Fainess went this week to her first dental treatment session, and has already had three teeth restored.

No one can heal alone. For people like Fainess who have no family around and no safety net when they fall, transitioning from trafficking, to freedom, to employment and to healing can take a lifetime. Many trauma survivors are paralyzed inside their bodies for a very long time. Noticing these people in our community and being there for them can change everything.

It takes courage to get out of comfortable shoes and for a fleeting moment walk into the shoes of a wounded soul. Yet, it is the only way we can understand the inexplicable, comprehend the unthinkable and have a felt sense of what it might feel to be “the other.”

Life teaches us. Nothing endures. Nothing lasts except beauty — and I shall create that - Thomas Wolfe

And so, each one of us is on a quest to create lasting beauty through our own grace, kindness and courage. When we do, our hearts soften, our gratitude awakens and our love grows stronger. The values and ideals we live with are only as good as the strength of the wings we give them to rise in service to purposeful missions.

The love you shared with Fainess through your generosity gave her confidence to act on her life’s mission. She stands with survivors of trafficking and forced labor as a strong speaker and advocate for legislation and compassionate services. Her work will continue to impact hundreds and thousands directly, and millions through the ripple effect of the power of change over time.

Thank you for lighting the path for this beautiful survivor and human being who has been in the darkness for way too long.

Make a donation, if you have not yet contributed and share with friends. No one should experience chronic pain and limited employment prospects because of broken teeth. To fix this, it takes all of us.

We need just $200 to ensure that Fainess can smile again and be treated with the respect and dignity she deserves. Thank you.

Click here to contribute for Fainess! https://pages.giveforward.com/medical/page-4ths6n/

With love and gratitude,

Marga and the Forces of Good

What Matters

What Matters

In Hope, Justice and Kindness

In Hope, Justice and Kindness